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The WHY school has its roots in our first venture –The Mindgym. It started 12 years back, with a vision to turn around the very concept and image that children associate with a school, to be a place they excitedly look forward to each day.

Our founder studied at IIM-A, where the seed of reimagining pre school education was sown. It flourished under encouragement and guidance of our respected mentor and guide, Prof. S. Handa (Professor at IIM-A & Director of Eklavya School, Ahmedabad).

12 years later, the WHY school is a step ahead, where the entire building, outdoor environment and all the activities have been custom-designed ground up, keeping the tender age and requirements of the children. This play school is a place where we open up children's minds to endless possibility, and not just endless facts. It never questions the Question. Infact, it is the starting point to all explorations, play and learning.

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