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The STEAM is a method of inculcating a way of thinking in our kids, at an age when their brain development is the most active. At this age, it is important to support their natural curiosity and desire to learn, by giving them rich, fun & meaningful  experiences. 


It involves introducing concepts by practical applications and not just reading about them. The kids are encouraged to be active participants and not passive listeners.

STEAM highlights the difference between Academic Learning and Intellectual Learning. When kids learn through experience, the impact on retention is much higher, upto 90 per cent.


Science encourages investigation and answering questions, often involving experimentation and exploration. It powers curiosity, and problem-solving. At Why School, the activities could be as varied and as fascinating as observing the anthills to flying paper parachutes.


Technology refers to applying the scientific knowledge a preschooler gains. At Why School, our kids do this by using simple tools like rulers and thread, magnifying glasses to observe and wonder!


Engineering refers to recognizing problems and testing solutions. Our Whyschoolers do this through simple fun activities like building, digging, following paths, learning basic maps etc.


Art encourages creativity and allows children to illustrate concepts they are learning. The media could be any, and the spaces could range from the sandpit to the music room, to even the garden!


Maths isn’t limited to just numbers for our Whyschoolers but also includes the ability to see and create patterns,shapes, as well as organizational skills like grouping and sorting. We do this through sand play, puzzles and logic games.

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